Time really does fly.

They’ll be grown before you know it.

They grow like weeds.

Admittedly, I let these so called anecdotes flow in one ear and out the other. Only to discover now, nine months into parenthood, that everyone was right. Monet and I blinked our eyes, got a few intermittent nights of sleep, and woke up to Ariel scoot-crawling across the floor.

Another day or two, and both Ariel and Jaslyn were throwing out “Dada” and “Mama” left and right. David, while not quite mobile yet, is so big and solid that he’s no longer on the premature growth chart, and the girls aren’t far behind!

That said, we apologize for the 3PIPs being off the radar for the past few months. We got lost in the new parent shuffle and when I say time has flown, I mean that we’ve been moving at light speed since Christmas. It’s a little more complicated to keep the blog updated compared to Facebook and other social media platforms, but we nonetheless appreciate everyone keeping us in your thoughts, prayers, and bookmark list. Even now as I sneak a few minutes to get this post out, I’m holding Jaslyn while I type, Monet is giving David a nebulizer treatment, Ariel is pitching a fit because she’s tired of the activity walker, I probably should have flipped over the steak cooking in the kitchen about ten minutes ago, our dog Lebron went to bed early on a baby strike, and I’m the only actually watching the episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!(which is actually starting to grow on me. SAD!).

It’s been an incredibly challenging, busy, and action packed first nine months. It’s almost unreal to even consider that we’re closing in on one year so quickly. But we wouldn’t have been able to make it this far, let alone maintain the slightest bit of our sanity, without an outpouring of support from our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and our amazing family. Especially our awesome family!Thank you for checking in on us. We’ll be sure to keep the site update more frequently.

Stay Tuned!


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    About David

    Born in Georgia, and raised in South Florida, David is a finance and banking manager with a love for writing, artistic creations, athletics and youth development.  He completed a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree in Sociology at the University of Florida in 2003, and began his career in Jacksonville, FL.   His career took him to Charlotte, NC, where he met so many of his closest friends and experienced both professional and spiritual growth. Davids love for writing began as a youth, but he kept his work private, sharing his words only with closest friends and family.  He is the sole inspiration for this blog, having shared his personal experiences on the other side of infertility and the journey towards a family.  Expectant fathers are rarely given the platform or opportunity to speak about their emotional journey during pregnancy leaving their feelings and fears often unexplored. David's goal was to provide a place where both parents would be free to learn, grow, and most of all, feel safe in sharing. 

    David and Monet lead quiet lives, returning back to Florida in 2013 and becoming involved in their local AME church and fraternal organizations.  David and Monet married in 2011 and have one Dachshund named Lebron (yes, after that Lebron). They both strive for peace within their lives and their home, and love to be surrounded by family and close friends.  David and Monet both believe in miracles and God's rich blessings and they pray you enjoy this look into their experiences.