I mean just…wow.

Part of me wants to say, “Yeah, we get it now. This parenting gig is the real deal.” But the realization that we’re not even a full month into this immediately slaps some sense back into me and keeps my mouth shut.

I could prose on and on about all the metaphorical life lessons that come to mind throughout the day when diapers are full, bellies are empty, you’re running on fumes and it’s not even 9 AM. For those familiar with the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control), am I alone in feeling that most of those fruits aren't quite in season when it’s time for the 3AM feeding?

But then they suddenly stop screaming bloody murder and wobble their head over to lock eyes with you in the dim light of the early morning. And there’s this moment. A serene, peaceful, uncapturable moment. A quiet connection that embodies the thread from which life is intricately woven together connecting us all across time and space. A tiny frozen fragment of a moment, in the dead of the morning air while everyone around you for miles is deep in sleep, you revel in the fact that in your arms right now you are holding the very physical manifestation of your dreams and prayers. In this twilight, as you stare at one another, your souls intertwine in a manner that is wholly indescribable. Lost deep in each other’s eyes, the two of you just simply exist; you in theirs and they in yours.

Then they fart in your hand, and just like that you're snapped back to reality. 

Maybe it’s just gas, you think. Perhaps it’s poo, you ponder. I mean, it smells like poop, so it must be right, you ask yourself. Do I really want to unzip the sleeper and undo 13 snap buttons on the onesie just to check and risk waking them up further? Do I try to play it off and pretend like none of this happened and leave it for my wife to discover? 


I've got to go to work in 2 hours.
 Keep praying for us!!!



04/16/2017 11:27pm

Nice post.

07/26/2017 2:13am

Being a parent is a challenging role. It requires you to be financially, physically, and mentally ready. But, perks of it is, your life will change for the better. Having these daily problems is normal. You should be thinking of how to bond with your kid, or where will you get money to afford college, something like that. You are blessed to have a baby. So cherish those parental moments. Time goes by so fast. You'll never know that one day he or she is already a grown up.

08/23/2017 3:17am


08/23/2017 3:30am

Having a child is difficult for parents because you will need to monitor their movement and activities all the time. It is much more difficult if you have a work and family commitments. I remember my parents having a problem with balancing their time between us and their work. I really appreciate their efforts because they turn out to be good parents. So I would like to root for your efforts, stay strong for your children and to the people around you!

01/08/2018 9:53pm

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