Doctor: Okay Mrs. Payne, so based on this information, our next course of action will be to admit you into the hospital.

Silence. Blank. Stare.

David:  Okay.  So are you talking today, tomorrow, next week?

Doctor: Today.

More silence.  Blank stare.  Actually, I wanted to look at David and that doctor like the picture of the giraffe above.  But I was neither shocked nor sad.  Actually I knew, correction, we knew this day may come. And it did.  And it left me looking like the giraffe… in the picture above.


I know what you’re thinking.  I already know.  If you’ve been following our blog posts thus far, I last left you with a post discussing our pregnancy involving quadruplets.  This is true.  And I have many, many more posts ready and prepared to share with you to continue the story.  However, we just couldn’t drop the entire story on you all at once, could we?  And this sudden change of events is cause for an immediate update.  I promise, promise, promise to continue the story soon.  


Last week was pretty interesting.  We went to the doctor for a routine visit, and left there and went straight to the hospital. I always knew medical bedrest was possible.  Every blog, book, doctor and nurse I spoke to told me it was possible.  I, knew it.  But until it happens, and it becomes a reality, you kind of wish it away and not really think it would happen.  I even had a few women close to me suggest that I pray about it and pray that God does not place me on bedrest.  Don’t get me wrong, I pray about any and everything.  Yet something kept me from praying “away” bedrest.  In fact, my prayer was along the lines of asking God to allow his will to be done.  And whatever he believed to be fruitful for our children, then it be done.  And I also prayed that he continue to speak to us through our doctors, using them as a tool to achieve his work, and that whatever our babies needed, it be done.  Correctly.  So there you have it.  I accepted the possibility of bedrest and I knew it may or may not happen.  Well today it did.  

What does medical bedrest mean to us?  A hospital stay, for an extended period of time, possibly weeks. It may involve just a few weeks, or until the babies are delivered.  We were 25 weeks at admittance, with the doctor’s goal set at 28 weeks, then 30, etc, etc.  Following check in, paperwork, gowns, socks, beds, vitals, and fetal monitoring, we were left with just the two of us… trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do next.  Afterall, this IS a major disruption in our lives. I don’t care how “prepared” you are for something like bedrest.  When that doctor says go to the hospital and check in, you go.  And while you’re “going”, you think of everything you didn’t do before you left home. Nesting, laundry, meal prep, bills, securing your pet, preparing that room, donating that last bag of clothing.  Everything. At least I did.  Next, we had to notify our parents, update them on the situation and make adjustments to accommodate this very real situation.

So here I am, writing you today from my hospital bed.  It’s cozy, I have a great view, the doctors and staff are all so warm and welcome. However, I am not home.  Not in my bed, not under my own covers and not snuggled up with my husband and doggy.  I’m here, far from home protecting our babies and ensuring they make it home with us one day soon.  It’s funny how these little lives take over your life so early and you fall in love before they are even born.  I’m reading some blogs and posts about how to survive bed rest, and I’m adjusting well.  David too has some adjusting to do.  Anything for our 3 P’s.



07/16/2016 11:39pm

Hey chica. I am praying for you. If you recall that was my story with LJ. Six weeks in the hospital and the rest of the time at home. God blessed me with an angel of a nurse and I pray he sends someone your way also. She taught me how to crochet so I started making a blanket (made it too wide so 1 years later it still isn't complete). I learned to needlepoint. Did arts and crafts and learned about one of my favorite shows King of Queens. Keep us posted and you will make it. Stay encouraged. Hae hubby bring you ouyside food every once in a while. Take your colace and eat fresh fruit. Everything slows down when you are on bedrest. : )

07/22/2016 8:39pm

Hi Caresha,

Wow! I didn't know! We're hanging in there. Its overwhelming at times, but we're making it. I do know how to crochet, but have been staying busy with Netflix, Sudoku puzzles, adult coloring books, and this blog. All in all, we're doing whats best and the babies are doing well. 27 weeks! We don't have much longer. :)

09/05/2016 2:47am

We all have that moment in our lives where we are weak and need care of other people, we must gather ourselves and be strong and have that faith to surpass the problem that is happening in our lives, I believe that whatever we are encountering these are tests that are needed for us to be closer to God, staying in the hospital like what in the story is stated maybe sad but there are beautiful things to look forward to.

07/18/2016 7:41am

You are constantly in our daily prayers. We are so proud of you and David.

07/22/2016 8:35pm

Thank you so much April. It is difficult at times, but we're making it.

08/27/2016 1:38pm

I hope you will be fine soon. Stay strong and keep us informed.

02/02/2017 10:46pm

Everything happens for a reason. We all have that moment in our lives where we are weak and need care of other people. God knows everything. More than anyone in this world God is the one who sees us suffering. In his perfect timing, he will take all the pain and doubt that we have. God knows that we are strong to survive this problem. Just hold on and have faith with him and God will do the rest. I am glad that I found your blog. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing this with us.

04/11/2017 10:40am

God has a plan on everyone. Your role was to give a life to a 3 wonderful babies!


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