That was the word of the week.  Word of the month!  All of those years of worry, all of the years of praying, and we were set on a path, a journey to lead us to not one but FOUR babies.  QUADRUPLETS!  In the two weeks that followed, our emotions went up and down, but those close to us used the word blessed.  I remember crying one night, asking David, “Why can’t we just be normal?”.  Here we were, all of these years setting ourselves up for our 1 baby, 1 car seat, 1 daycare bill, 1 nursery, with 1 crib.  And all the while, the Lord had other plans in mind.  Was I upset about our miracle?  No. Was I complaining about our blessings?  Not at all. However this was an experience that we did not plan for, and we were taken by surprise.  And the weight that comes with this type of blessing is massive.  Here I was, carrying 4 little lives, and I was expected to just carry on like everything is normal.  Why?  Because carrying a baby, especially multiple babies is so high risk, that the risk of miscarriage is great.  And given this risk, it has been suggested that we keep our miracle a secret for some time.  Goodness, I can only imagine the heartache of sharing your good news, only to come back and share the opposite.  So we sat on our miracle, bursting inside with great news, and we carried on with our lives.  

This blessing made me think back to the Sunday before we found out our test results.  Our Pastor’s message that Sunday was “You’re not alone”.  

The three key notes from the lesson were:

1. You’re Chosen;

2. You’re a Champion;

3. Walk in your Commission.  

At the end, for the altar call, Pastor Watson extended an invitation to come up for extra prayer.  David and I went up, hand in hand, knowing what we were praying for, and knowing what we were testing for the next day.   Pastor specifically laid hands on us both and stated, “Today, this week, this month, before 2016 is out, a major blessing is coming your way.   Mark this day, that the Lord has spoken.” He then continued to pray for renewed and strengthened peace and faith.  The next day we learned we were pregnant, and shortly after we learned we were having 4 babies!  David joked with him a few months later, after sharing the news, and said, “…next time, we don’t want you to lay your whole hand on us, just a pinky finger”.  Because clearly our Pastor heard a word from the Lord and it surely came to pass!  

We joke about that now, but truthfully, God had been speaking a word like that to us for months before we became pregnant.  Years even.  That is why we held onto our faith and knew a blessing was coming, we just had to hold out and wait for him to say yes.  ‘Sit back and watch God work!’- was my saying that rang through my head all week…and it was true.  He wove us a blessing beyond anything we could imagine.  And we just thank him from the depths of our souls.  


Taloya Cleare
07/01/2016 6:16pm

"Just a pinky finger next time", BOL!!!! Blessings and prayers.

07/22/2016 8:32pm


02/28/2017 7:45am

You are really blessed to have quadruplets. One is enough, but you are given with four babies. I think that you are really a good person to have these blessings. Congratulations for your newborn. I just hope for their good health. It is true that God has always a good plan for us. Thank you for sharing this.

06/09/2017 8:34pm

I could not even imagine having a twin so more than that must be really tough. But just like a new mother, sure it maybe be hard but it's equally rewarding. It's the smiles of these angels that we look forward to in a day. Maybe it just takes getting used to. I feel you are one of the chosen few and is very lucky. Congratulations.

06/20/2017 4:40am

God really has a reason for everything, he makes us experience good things and bad things for us to learn. If God has given us a blessing that we didn't expect at all and we think that we cannot do it or we are afraid that we will disappoint him then we are doing it wrong. God is giving us blessing because he knows that we can do it, God will never give us things that we cannot handle and things we cannot do as long as we believe and trust him. Let God make miracles and watch him work. God bless!

07/01/2016 6:38pm

Fantastic post...y'all killing it with the blog. Has become appointment reading as far as my numerous online article and blog consumption.

07/22/2016 8:33pm

Haha, that's great Dennis! More to come! :)

07/02/2016 6:48pm

Wow! I feel like I'm reading a great novel! Can't wait to hear and see the beautiful babies!

07/22/2016 8:34pm

Thank you Margie! More coming soon :)

02/26/2017 11:27am

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04/11/2017 10:38am

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09/21/2017 5:24am

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